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The present study investigated how different elements of the Student-Athlete Success Wheel play a role in helping intercollegiate athletes at a Midwestern Division I university to be successful in both their roles: student and athlete. Student-athlete participants (n=63) were asked to rate the influence of the 10 ‘spokes’ of the Student-Athlete Success Wheel on their daily lives. Additionally, respondents provided qualitative feedback about the most beneficial aspect of the Student-Athlete Success Wheel and made suggestions on how to improve the student-athlete experience. After analyzing the data, the results indicated that the three elements most valuable to student-athletes were motivation, relationship building, and mentors. Potential reasons justifying the three most valuable ‘spokes’ were provided, as well as recommendations for how to improve areas that were not rated as highly. Because this is the first academic study that applies the Student-Athlete Success Wheel, more research is needed to confirm the results of this study.

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South Dakota State University

Applying the Student-Athlete Success Wheel: Examining the Academic and Social Experiences of Intercollegiate Student-Athletes



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