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Scholars have developed a number of interpretive methods and approaches to the Bible over the last century. Perhaps the first new approach of the twenty-first century is child-centered, or childist interpretation. Child-centered critical readings are largely an outgrowth of feminist interpretation, which has illuminated biblical figures like Sarah, Esther, and Paul’s writings on women in new ways for decades now. Unlike female interpreters, however, every one of us has been a child! Yet similarly, those of us who use this approach typically do so in conjunction with other lenses (e.g., archaeological, historical, literary, or rhetorical) with which to read the Bible. We begin by locating a child or children in a passage and making them the subject of our examination to see what new insights emerge.


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Murphy, A. J. (2018). “Contrasting Portrayals of Children in 1 Samuel.” Point of View Publishing.