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South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, Agricultural Extension, serials index


[Forward] South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service publications have been issued continuously since 1887. These various series contain a wealth of Information related to the agricultural sciences In South Dakota. Included are research reports, explanations of research in process, and analyses of current agricultural and economic trends of specific Interest to the State. Though researchers, business analysts, faculty members, students and librarians frequently have need to refer to this Information, no attempt was made to systematically Index the materials for many years. The Reference Department of South Dakota State University Library, aware of the need for better access to these publications. Initiated an Indexing project. In the early 1970s. This first effort, under the direction of B.J. Kim, resulted in a keyword-out-of-context Index which was first published in 1975. It covered monographic series Issued by the Experiment Station and Extension Service through December, 1974. Although the 1975 Keyword Index provided subject access only and lacked bibliographic detail. It has served well its intended purpose—to encourage the use of South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service publications. Through Its use researchers and students in the agricultural sciences have gained quick access to a wide variety of Information related to South Dakota agriculture. By using the Keyword Index, agri-business analysts have benefited increasingly from the economic Information contained in these publications. Sociologists and historians also have found a rich source of Information on the agricultural history of South Dakota. And, finally, librarians find the index useful in providing Information concerning the contents of the Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service publications. This revised edition, which will be known as the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service Publications index, actually supersedes and replaces the original Keyword index published in 1975. Here the user will find all references to publications Issued through December, 1985. In addition, an author index has been added as well as a complete list of publications in the various series.










Hilton M. Briggs Library. Brookings, South Dakota


Forward by Leon Rany