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Volume 1 Issue 2

BOSTON/Rich Garcia, Jerry Kanter, Bill M. Mendez, Jr.
The king of American marathons came under attack during 1977 from the race's winner. The powers behind the marathon did their homework and preparations for 1978, though, and provided an outstanding marathon in spite of increased numbers of entrants, because of vastly improved timing and scoring and because, for once, the weather was perfect.
One of the pioneers of women's long-distance running, Nina did not start her sports career as a runner. There were years of speed skating and competitive bicycling. There was also a family, the necessity to search for the person within herself. And there was the challenge of the marathon.
CREAM OF THE CROP/Michael Pollock, Ph.D.
Scientists and researchers gathered together some of the nation's greatest distance runners. The runners were probed, measured, samples were taken, they were put to tests of stress and strain. The results disproved as many theories about runners as they substantiated.
WHAT TO EAT/ Don Monkerud
Everyone takes great care to eat carefully-picked foods before a marathon. But what is eaten after the marathon may be just as important in the long run.
MARATHONING/Manfred Steffny Part two of four installments of the outstanding German book that explores marathon running for everyone.
ON THE RUN IN JAPAN/Gary Tuttle When the invitation comes to run races in Japan, no self-respecting American runner says no.
THE ULTIMATE MARATHON/Kelvin Bowers You can talk all you want about running across a continent. That's for beginners. Serious runners like to do 10,000+ mile runs.
POINT-TO-POINT Topics of interest to marathoners discussed by marathoners, marathon- observers and medical experts in the field of marathoning.
All official male finishers and female finishers under four hours.
THE 1977 24-HOUR RELAY RESULTS Man has, through the ages, embarked on many great and unusual quests. The quest for the 300-mile 24-hour relay run continues.
DEAR MARATHONER Where the reader speaks.

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Summer 1978


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