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South Dakota State University

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Winter 2017

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Public-Private Partnership Trains Award-Winning Students [p] 1
New Wetland Restoration Highlights Annual Research Retreat [p] 2
Wetlands Inventory Project Returns [p] 2
Dr. Phillip Fay, USDAARS, Temple, TX visit [p] 2
SDSU researchers examine how land use changes affect lakes and streams [p] 3
Completed PhD and MS Projects:
Growth Potential of Age-0 Pallid Sturgeon in the Missouri River: Insight From an Individual Based Model [p] 3
Evaluating Relationships Among Wetland Quality, Land Use, and Waterbirds in the Prairie Pothole Region [p] 4
Development and Application of a Larval Pallid Sturgeon Energetics Model [p] 5
An Assessment of Direct Mortality to Avifauna from Wind Energy Facilities in North Dakota and South Dakota [p] 5
Survival, Abundance and Relative Predation of Wild Rainbow Trout in Deerfield Reservoir, South Dakota [p] 5
Dynamics of Wetland and Grassland Wetland Ecosystems in the Northern Great Plains [p] 6
The contribution of Missouri River reservoir side-channel and floodplain habitats to mainstem fish populations: the effects of losing connectivity between Hipple Lake and Lake Sharpe [p] 6
New SDSU report provides status of native grasslands and woodlands in eastern SD [p] 8
Brookings Wildlife Federation Connections with SDSU through the Year [p] 8
Opportunities to support the NRM Department [p] 10


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