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Table of Contents:

A Letter to Any Young Poet About Poetry: Phillip Hey [page] 3
Knights and White Horses: Glen Barton [page] 9
Whoever Knocks: Michelle Burbank [page] 25
The Party: Beth Mabee [page] 31
Sight Seeing Up Fisherman's Wharf: Dan Domench [page] 43


Two Poems: Philip Dacey [page] 6
Poem: Mary Klinkel [page] 7
Alone: David Meile [page] 7
Two Poems: Sid Larson [page] 8
Moon Poem: Dennis Sampson [page] 19
Poem: Beth Mabee [page] 21
Here To Stay: Craig Thompson [page] 21
Two Poems: Tim Hinkley [page] 22
Death Song: Beth Carlson [page] 22
For a Young South Dakota Man: Freya Manfred[page] 23
On Hunting Jackrabbits in Winter At Night: Pat Collins [page] 29
The Old Men: Linda Shelbourn [page] 29
Poem: Margery Whites [page] 30
For All Those Who Have Not Yet Been Rescued: D. M. Philen [page] 30
The Politician: Bart Christensen[page] 30
Ice Fires: David Smith [page] 35
Three Poems: Doug Cockrell [page] 37
Hunter in a Duck Blind: Shirley Ingalls [page] 39
A Short Poem On Small Waves: Kathleen Winberg [page] 39
Wild: A. H . Richter [page] 39
Two Poems: David Allan Evans[page] 41
My Bed: Jill Noyes [page] 42
What It Is With Lunatics: Paul Witherington [page] 42
Three Poems: Sherry Dennert [page] 43
Three Poems: Al Fogel [page] 44
Three Poems: Michael Heffernan [page] 46
Three Poems: Ron Ikan [page] 49
Two Poems: Phillip Hey [page] 51


Le Solitaire: Eugene Ionesco [page] 53

Instructions for Viewing a Solar Eclipse: Dave Kelly [page] 54

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