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Cat Andy Anderson
Beep Chirp Buzz Mark Steinkamp
Photograph Cherie Ramsdell
Prairie Dreamers Karie Frank
Pen And Ink· Drawing Darrell Mohr
Lady and Dog Wong Pak Wun
Exp. #39 For Tuba Quartet David King
Watercolor Sally Schwader
Watercolor Rochelle E. Sayler
Basement Apartment Bernadette Scolaro
Photograph Randy Ross
White Skull Creek David A. Evans Jr.
Mountain Stream Bonnie K. Feller
Fashion Illustration Karla Kuehl
Six Fashion Models Kim Ketterer
Photograph Cherie Ramsdell
Blackberries Cindy Kelly
Life Drawing Judi Lundberg
Posterization Lenny Heck and John Papendick
Waiting For Spring Janice Mikesell
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep Karyl Knecht
Mounting Block Mostad-Johnson-Bouwman
X-Fighter Mike Felber

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