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THE WHITE BULL: Pat Collins [page] 11-16
A LETTER: Siv Cedering Fox [page] 16
PEACE WITH HONOR: Glen Barton [page] 17-22
FRONTIER TRAILER COURT: Dan Domench [page] 23-25
SWEET TIME: WORKING A POEM: Phil Hey [page] 27-29
CENTER RING STAR: Kelly John Mernaugh [page] 30-34


TWO POEMS: Albert Goldbarth [page] 35
INDIANS: R. P. Dickey [page] 36
THE WOMAN THE LIGHTENING LIT UP: Mary McAnnally-Knight [page] 37
TWO POEMS: George A. West [page] 38
POEM: Andrew Grossbardt [page] 39
TWO POEMS: Al Fogel [page] 40, 41
CLOCK THE SUMMER: Jay S. Paul [page] 42
COMING OUT: Rodney Nelson [page] 42
TWO POEMS: Norman H. Russell [page] 43
THE SNOW GEESE: Bette Hass [page] 44
THE FORESTER: Peter Wild [page] 44
SPIDER: Doug Cockrell [page] 45
SOLOMON'S OCTOBER: Rafael Jesus Gonzalez [page] 46
MEETING: Paul Blakely [page] 46
KATIE: L. L. Zeiger [page] 47
TWO POEMS: Margaret Hasse [page] 48, 49
1960: THROWING SNOWBALLS AT CARS: William Meissner [page] 50-51
TWO POEMS: Harry Kohn [page] 52
IN PASSING: Carla Carlson [page] 53
THREE POEMS: Jim Barnes [page] 54, 55, 56
THE FARMER: Richard Frost [page] 58
THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD: Kathleen Norris [page] 59
LAST NIGHT: Shirley lngalls [page] 60
Ml JUVENTUD SIN AMOR: Robert Canter [page] 61
THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Michael Boer [page] 63
AN AFTER DINNER WALK: David Schloss [page] 64
TWO POEMS: Dave Etter [page] 65, 66
EPITAPH: J. D. Whitney [page] inside cover

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