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Heroes: Michael Boer [page] 10
Keith, Genetics Doctor: Jaciel Keltgen [page] 12
The Farm: Anne Seaman [page] 14
When Grandma had her Stroke: Debby Huber [page] 16
A Farmer Dying: Kevin Woster [page] 17
Epitaph For Father: Kevin Woster [page] 18
White River Haiku: Kevin Woster [page] 22
Cedar Waxwing: Martha Graham [page] 23
Farmyard Lights: Doug Cockrell [page] 25
Snow: Mary Lou Ewalt [page] 26
The First Snow: T. R. Maves [page] 29
Drought Cattle: Wendy Howell [page] 30
Garden in the Rain: Martha Graham [page] 31
Neighbor Kid: Bruce Edward Dommer [page] 41
Cactus Kid: James Howell [page] 42
Another Jug: Tony Long Wolf [page] 43
South Dakota: Debby Huber [page] 47
At the Como Park Zoo: Kevin Woster [page] 48
Home from the River: Dave Etter [page] 50
Free Throwing: William Kloefkorn [page] 52
Geoff: Shery Baker [page] 54
Blue Heron: Sheryl Baker [page] 59
An Old Farm Yard: Jim Thurnau [page] 60


Doubleheader: J Alan Marten [page] 32
The Cliff: Tom Hovland [page] 39
Potter's Task: Kitty Kourcerek [page] 45


Kevin Woster [page] cover
Kevin Woster [page] 13
Linda Hanson [page] 15
Marie Woster [page] 18
Kevin Woster [page] 24
Kevin Woster [page] 26-27
K. John Finyon [page] 28-29
K. John Finyon [page] 32
Linda Howell [page] 42
Linda Howell [page] 43
Linda Howell [page] 44
Phil Trieb [page] 47
Kevin Woster [page] 48-49
K. John Finyon [page] 51
K. John Finyon [page] 53
Kevin Woster [page] 58
Linda Hanson [page] 60-61

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