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Issue No.21

Fabulous Fritz by William Dunnett
Being one of the world's top masters means never being allowed to let up. But that doesn't mean that Fritz Mueller's life is totally dominated by running. He may run like a deer, but he likes to take time to look at the birds.

Celtic Runners by John Koster
Long before Columbus ''discovered'' America, the Vikings were here. With them they brought some Celts who ran the beaches acting as scouts in the new land.

The Atoms Family by William Dunnett
Fred Thompson was tired of seeing C kids with no future. So he started a track club and changed a few lives-and records.

Running Twins by Sandra K. Lucas
If a set of twins start a race together, will they finish together? A group of Utah doctors are testing twins to see just how well they stack up against one another. One of the areas of testing is running

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