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Issue No.18

Bruce Dern as Told to Paul Perry
When Bruce Dern looks back on his acting career, he sees the marathon as a metaphor. ''Just like some of the ultra-marathons I've run, I knew I could get what I wanted as an actor by just hanging in there.'' Dern considers his running-like his acting-a tribute to endurance.

Headache Cure by Ray Hosler
In the course of trying to cure his weight problem, a New Mexico doctor discovered that running was good for another problem- migraine headaches. Since then, the doctor added weight to this assertion with scientific study.

A Hefty Proposal by Ray Hosler
A company in the Midwest is offering up to S4 per pound to get rid of their excess baggage-fat, that is. This may seem like a pretty hefty proposal, but it's paying off in health and productivity.

The AAU On Trial by Bob Moriarty
When the AAU suspended runner/ race organizer Tom Allison, they bit off more than they could chew. Allison took the organization to court and won.

Running Hypnosis by Cheryl Crooks
You say you've tried everything and still your running hasn't improved? Don't give up yet. A hypnotist claims that running problems can be cured by hypnosis.

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