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Issue No.3

Bruce Jenner: Two Years Later by William Overend
Two years ago, Bruce Jenner earned the title of ''The World's Greatest Athlete'' by winning the decathlon event at the Montreal Olympics. Since then, the sky has been the limit for this super jock.

The Miniature Golf of Fitness by Rob Schultheis
What do you do when running just doesn't seem to be enough? Many people hit the Parcourse circuit. Imported from Europe, this all-around exercise has really caught on in America.

The Jogging Pig Controversy by Don Monkerud
The way the media had it, jogging did no good for a pig's heart. But an investigation has proved the media wrong-jogging does help pigs. But what does this have to do with people?

Running in Office by William Palmer
When Goodloe Byron isn't running for office in Maryland, the Democrat is just plain running for ''physical and mental fitness.''

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