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Issue No.15

At Home With Frank by Klasina Vander Werf
Frank Shorter: Once king of the road he is now king of Boulder where, at 31, he is training for yet another Olympics and preparing to have a family.

War of the Wheelchairs by Ray Hosler
Wheel chairs banned in Boston: The AAU has banned wheelchairs from sanctioned races and the law suits are ready to fly.

Greek Running by John Koster
The Battle of Marathon: Phidippides wasn't the only runner, just the most famous. Fleet-footed Greek soldiers were used as part of every battle plan-often to the surprise of friend and foe alike.

The Great Gavuzzi by H. Barry
The Roaring Twenties were halycon years for large sports spectaculars. C.C. Pyle, the flamboyant entrepreneur, staged two cross-country races and Peter Gavuzzi made a living running from New York to Los Angeles and back.

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