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Issue No.14

The Long Distance Corbitt by William Dunnett
One of the pioneers of distance running, Ted Corbitt is heading for his 200th marathon. Will he make it? With the number of injuries he has had, the legendary black runner isn't sure.

Mental Jogging by Steve San Filippo
A Connecticut psychologist has invented mental games people can play while running. Example: what is half of 8? If your answer is 4, you better read the story.

Olympic Helpers by Kevin Shyne
Impressed with the Olympics the president of the Canteen Corporation decided he wanted to do something for the Olympic athlete. So he convinced businesses to put their money where their mouths are. He started the Olympic Job Opportunity Program.

Secrets of the Long-Gom-Pas by Ed Cohn
An American travels to India and discovers the secrets of the Long-Gom-Pas, a group of distance runners capable of running day and night by using mystical running techniques.

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