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This document serves as the final report for the climatic evaluation for the Ruby Gulch waste rock dump cap at the Gilt Edge Mine Site, Lawrence County, South Dakota (SD). This project was a collaborative effort between CDM Federal Programs Corporation and South Dakota State University (SDSU) under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region VIII response action contract. This report includes climatic analyses, raw weather data, and conclusions. In 1998 the Gilt Edge Mine near Deadwood, SD was abandoned and the reclamation of the mining site was halted. In 2000 SD requested that the EPA place the Gilt Edge Mine Site on the Superfund National Priorities List. SDSU through the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (SDAES) was asked to assist the State of South Dakota and the EPA in the development of a remediation and revegetation plan for the abandoned Gilt Edge Mine Site.The objectives of this report are:
1. Detail and summarize the climatic information for the Gilt Edge Mine site area. 2. Analyze the data for application for soil and vegetation purposes
3. Archive the raw weather data from Deadwood and Lead, SD.
This report highlights the available climatic data for two weather stations near the Gilt Edge Mine Superfund Site (GEMSS). The weather stations studied were Deadwood and Lead, SD. The weather station data for Deadwood covered the years 1943 through 1999 and the weather station data for Lead covered the years 1909 through 1999. The weather data summarized in this report include daily temperature (maximum, minimum, and average), monthly temperature (maximum, minimum, and average), numbers of days at critical warm and cold temperatures, precipitation (daily, daily maximums, 7-day maximums, monthly, monthly maximums, snowfall, and number of days per year at critical precipitation levels), growing degree days (40 OF basis), growing season length (28 OF basis). Deadwood, SD climatic data is summarized in Table A. Lead, SD climatic data is summarized in Table B.

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South Dakota State University


Prepared for: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Region 8.

Supplemental files include the climatic data available in the appendices as CSV files.

Deadwood-Temperature-Data-1943-1999r.csv (126 kB)
Deadwood SD- Temperature Data: 1943-1999

Deadwood-Precip-Data-1943-1999r.csv (106 kB)
Deadwood SD- Precipitation Data: 1943-1999

Lead-Temperature-Data1909-1999r.csv (201 kB)
Lead SD- Temperature Data: 1909-1999

Lead-Precip-Data-1909-1999r.csv (104 kB)