The African running revolution


The African running revolution


Dave Prokop



The biggest story in track and field this past decade has been the astounding breakthrough of the African runners in international competition. Here is the most complete and incisive book yet published. Here is the most complete and incisive book yet published on this phenomenal success story. What are the African runners really lik and how do they approach competition. It altitude training is the secret behind the success of the African runners (as so many believe), how is it that of all the people in the world who live at altitude, the only high altitude dwellers who collectively have made any mark in the track world are runners from the East African tableland? what explains the incredible success story of Kenya's Katenjin and Kisii tribes, who have accounted fro all 45 of Kenya's Olympic and Commonwealth Games medals since '63 (Kenya has more than 30 tribes in all). Can the Kalenjin and Kissii be a "race" of super-runners genetically? Is ther any scientific evidence to support the widely-held theory that athletes living at high altitudes have a natural physiological advantage over sea-level natives in the endurance running events? These and a long list of other subjects are covered in this book by such writers s Philip Ndoo (himself one of Kenya's finest runners), John Manners, Bob Hancock (a coach on the '72 Olympic team), Dr. Jack Daniels, Geoff Fenwick, Dave Prokop and David Lewis (Ben Jipcho's former coach). A special bonus for readers will be Tom Sturak's in-depth story on Filbert Bayi - undoubtedly the most complete story yet written on the Tanzanian superstar. Illustrated with numerous action photographs. The African Running Revolution is a book no track fan should miss.



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The African running revolution