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Data were collected from Wind Cave National Park and 6 satellite bison herds across the upper Midwest ranging across South Dakota, Indiana, and Kansas with a MAP gradient ranging from 34 to 82 mm and a MAT gradient ranging from 9 to 13°C. Fecal samples were collected non-invasively from 50 freshly voided bison dung patties at each herd. Helminth eggs were recovered and identified using sugar floatation; Trichostrongyle-type eggs were hatched by coproculture to identify to species. Preliminary findings indicate that general abundance of trichostrongyle-type helminths increases by 2.3 EPG per 1°C and by 0.2 EPG per mm, but Cooperia sp. decreases over MAT and MAP whereas Haemonchus sp. increases over MAT and MAP.




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