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Expression of estrus prior to fixed-time AI has been reported to strongly impact overall pregnancy success. Behavioral estrus is a visual indicator that a cow or heifer’s internal environment is prepared for breeding. Insemination of a cow or heifer after estrus has been expressed will yield greater pregnancy success due to adequate uterine environment, increased fertilization rates, increased accessory sperm numbers, and increased overall embryo survival. It can be difficult to analyze the effects of estrus on pregnancy success across studies due to differences in number of animals and proportion of animals exhibiting estrus per study. In order to accurately analyze such data, a meta-analysis was used to place all studies on an equal level, thus, eliminating study bias. In the present study, a meta-analysis was conducted using data available on 10,116 beef cows and heifers in 26 studies that utilized the 5 most common fixed-time AI protocols to examine the effect of expression of estrus prior to insemination on conception rates. The overall model indicated a positive effect of estrus on conception rates with cows expressing estrus before fixed-time AI having greater conception rates compared with those not exhibiting estrus. There are also numerous management factors that can influence expression of estrus. Data were available on 547 cows that were synchronized with a CIDR based fixed-time AI protocol for estrus for 2 to 4 years. Analysis of these cows indicated that days postpartum did not impact estrus expression. In contrast, Body Condition Score (BCS) influenced estrus expression with cows in a BCS of ≤ 4 having decreased expression of estrus compared to those with a BCS > 4. Initiation of estrous cycles before the breeding season also influenced estrus expression, with anestrous cows having greater expression of estrus compared with estrus-cycling cows. Fixed-time AI protocols offer producers the added benefit of reduced labor needed for heat detection, but the results of this study indicate the importance of detecting an animal in estrus prior to breeding. In conclusion, among all currently recommended fixed-time AI protocols, cows expressing estrus before fixed-time AI had improved conception rates, and BCS and estrus-cycling status had the greatest influence on expression of estrus.

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