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Master of Science (MS)


Wildlife Management


Movement patterns of Semotilus atromaculatus, Rhinichthvs atratulus, Campostoma anomalum and Catostomus commersoni were investigated in an eastern South Dakota stream for a period of one year. Electrofishing, fin clipping and a multiple census method were employed. Population structures were estimated for each species. Populations were considered unstable due to the occurrence of appreciable emigration and immigration between sampling periods. Differential size class mobility was established for all species. Species exhibited upstream movement tendencies during the summer and more random movement tendencies during the fall. Size classes of S.atromaculatus, R. atratulus, and C. anomalum showed differential upstream movement affinities. Considerable growth recruitment occurred in the smaller size classes. Greater mobility of larger size classes of all species was found. Marking mortality was considered negligible for S. atromaculatus, C.anomalum and C. conunersoni but highly significant for R. atratulus. Upstream summer migrations and downstream winter migrations were the general movement trends of all species. All species were classified as semi-mobile because of mobile and sedentary qualities.

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Fishes -- South Dakota
Fish Tagging
Freshwater fishes--Behavior


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