Single Screw Extrusion of Apple Pomace-enriched Blends: Extrudate Characteristics and Determination of Optimum Processing Conditions

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Response surface methodology was used to investigate the single screw extrusion of apple pomace–defatted soy flour–corn grits blends and the product properties. Five different blends at a level of 0–20% w/w apple pomace were extrusion cooked with varied barrel and die temperature (100–140℃), screw speed (100–200 rpm), and feed moisture content (14–20% wet basis). Increasing apple pomace content in the blends significantly (P < 0.05) increased the bulk density, the total phenolic content, and the antioxidant activity of the extrudates. The expansion ratio increased with pomace inclusion level of 5% but decreased significantly (P < 0.05) at higher levels of pomace inclusion (10–20%). Moisture content had quadratic influence on water absorption and solubility indices. Optimal extrusion cooking conditions most likely to produce apple pomace-enriched extruded snack products were at 140℃ barrel and die temperature, 20% feed moisture content, and 200 rpm screw speed. The results indicated active interaction between apple pomace and starch during expansion process.

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Food Science and Technology International