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The computerized farm information system described in this publication was developed by South Dakota State University Farm Management research workers. The system is designed to provide detailed data on cash flow patterns, enterprise costs, net worth, net income, family living, depreciation schedules and business operating ratios. The program is written in FORTRAN and is operational on the IBM System/360-Model 30 with 64K storage capacity. Large capital investments and greater dependence upon borrowed capital to finance highly technical farming operations requires farm operators to have sharper analytical tools than ever before. Modern computers are helping to provide these tools. However, efficient use of the computer requires training and understanding on the part of those persons supplying input data. The program described in this publication is being used at South Dakota State University to provide training to farm management students in EDP procedures. In addition, it is serving as a valuable research tool for the gathering of detailed data from selected panels of farmers. All programs are catalogued on disks and are available to the data processor upon the proper call instructions to the computer. This procedure eliminates program compile time and provides an efficient means for processing any number of sets of farm data.

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