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Most of the butter manufactured by South Dakota creameries is Grade B or under as determined by our present Federal grading system. A recent South Dakota study showed that 81 per cent of the butter was Grade B and 19 per cent Grade C, The same study found that about 80 per cent of South Dakota Butter was shipped to markets where a large amount of the other butter was of a higher grade and premiums were paid for higher quality. Present quality standards for butter are based to a large extent on taste preferences of consumers which were assumed to exist a number of years ago. This study endeavored to gather additional evidence regarding consumer preferences for various flavors, texture and color qualities found in butter and the other fats and oils. This study also attempted to determine what influences personal characteristics (such as occupation, annual family income, or factors associated with place of birth, national origin, rural or urban background, religious preferences, and age of respondent) had upon consumption of various spreads, especially butter and margarine. The major objectives of this study were; (l) to determine present and past consumption patterns of fats and oils used in the survey homes, (2) to determine the range and intensity of consumer preferences for butter and other spreads, and (3) to determine whether taste preferences of consumers coincided with the present Federal grading system for graded butter.

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