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Data for this report were secured from the offices of the Register of Deeds in each of eight counties in South Dakota, These counties were Beadle, Brookings, Brown, Clay, Faulk, Haakon, Hand and Spink, Supplementary information was secured from the records of the County Auditors as well as from records available at the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation offices in each of the counties included in the study. This report, as a supplement to Station Bulletin 413, furnishes a continuous record of farm land sales in each of the eight counties over a period of sixteen years, 1941-1956, Beadle, Faulk, Hand and Spink counties are within the prospective irrigation area in central South Dakota, These counties were selected in order to secure a record of farm land sales activity and prices during the development of the prospective irrigation of that area. Comparisons can easily be made with sales activity and prices in the other counties outside this area. Eventually a complete history of land prices during the entire development of that project will be secured. In 1941, at the start of this study, counties had acquired title to considerable acreage of farm land through foreclosure of farm loans extended from state school endowment funds as well as considerable acreage acquired by the counties through delinquent tax statutes. With few exceptions county owned lands have been sold and returned to the tax rolls. The Federal Land Bank and insurance companies as well as other corporations had also acquired title to farm land through foreclosure of loans they had extended on farm land. During the early years of this study loaning agencies and counties were the chief sellers of farm land. Only 4141 acres or 2.8 percent of the total land sold in 1956 in there eight counties was sold by loaning agencies. Farmers who plan to operate the land have been the chief buyers of farm land during 1956. In 1956 farmers bought 59,9 percent of the land sold within the eight counties included in this study. There was a net increase in the acreage held by operating farmers within the eight counties of 45,275 acres during the calendar year 1956. During the years 1950-1952 numerous gas and oil leases on farm land were filed in Faulk, Haakon and Hand counties. Sales of farm land during those were no doubt influenced by this activity and may well account for at least part of the increase in acreage sold during those years. Within the past year interest in oil has not been as pronounced as during the earlier years of this decade. Total sales of farm land in the eight counties during 1956 was only 367 acres more than was sold during 1955.

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