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This pamphlet is an annual summary of the project "Farm Business Management Data and Practices" for the year beginning January 1st, 1957 and ending December 31st 1957. Farmers and ranchers located in all of the seven "type of farming areas" in South Dakota keep records of receipts, expenses, inventories and livestock records to be analyzed by the Agricultural Experiment Station Economics Department. This project began in 1955 with only a few cooperators and has increased to 56 cooperators in 1957. The purpose of this project is to obtain data on costs, returns and organization on farms and ranches in all parts of this state. This data is used by the Extension Service, the Experiment Station and the College proper for use in farm budgeting, planning and in farm management courses. Along with this the individual cooperator is able to use this data to improve the efficiency of his own operations and compare it with that of the other members of this project. There is no cost to the cooperator for this service other than the time required to keep the records. All costs of record books, visits and the record analysis are paid by the Experiment Station. Records kept include cash receipts and expenses, inventories, feed consumed by the various livestock enterprises, family living from the farm, crops produced, and records of livestock numbers. The state has been broken down into seven areas to allow for comparison among farms located within each area. The table gives the name of the area and the number of farms or ranches in each area cooperating in this project.

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