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This county pamphlet is intended to provide local information about taxes which would otherwise be difficult for citizens to find, and to present it in a readily useable form. Particularly it is expected to be of use to organized planning groups. The tax information falls into four parts according to the nature of the problem dealt with. Part I deals only with taxes levied uniformly upon the entire county; Part II deals with differences in the total levy among townships and school districts; Part III shows differences in the assessed valuations among quarter sections, and Part IV shows the tax status of farm tracts in respect to delinquency. The first two parts present information for the entire county on a single sheet for each class of data, (Figures 1 to 7), while the last two parts require eight pages each to cover the county, (Figures 8 to 13) and (Figures 16 to 23). As suggested below in the introduction to each part, the data of the pamphlet is open to misinterpretation unless its meaning at the source is taken into consideration, and as well the way in which it has been adapted to this pamphlet. It is the hope of the Department of Agricultural Economics and of the Experiment Station that the presentation of tax facts in this form for one county at a time will prove of value to local persons interested in the problems of agriculture.

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