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Many inquiries are received from farmers concerning custom rates in various parts of the state. It is the purpose of this report to furnish information which may help farmers answer the questions listed above. However this report answers only the third question: "What custom rates are being charged?". This pamphlet contains a summary of custom rates as reported by 184, farmers in South Dakota for 1949. A mailed questionnaire (post card) was used. Information on twelve main custom operations in the state was requested. Some farmers, for reasons not known, did not report on each operation. No information as to size of machine or labor furnished was requested. The cooperators were asked to report rates for work done, work hired, or what their neighbors had paid. Because of limited number of reports received from a few areas and for some of the operations, the reliability should be considered in the light of the number of reports upon which each operation is based. The rates charged are presented in the following tables for the eight agricultural production areas of the state (see the cover page). These tables show the number of farms reporting charges on each operation, the basis of charge, the range (lowest and highest rate reported), and the average for each area and for the state.

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