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Farmers, seedsmen and others frequently require tests on seed for labeling or for planting purposes. The following information is intended to clarify questions on seed testing work and to explain the services available in the matter of seed analysis. Anyone may analyze seed and label such seed accordingly if one if capable of doing such work and has the necessary equipment. Seed laws require that seed be labeled when offered for sale or sold. It really does not matter who makes the analysis as long as the analysis and label are correct, within the limits of normal variation. The information on the label, however, must be correct; if not, the seller is liable for mislabeling. In some cases farmers can make reasonably accurate germination tests of corn and small grains, etc., for their own information. However, when the label requires the purity percentage, the farmer finds that he has no sensitive scale on which to weigh the separations. It becomes necessary, then, that the farmer, for labeling purposes, have the services of a properly equipped, reliable see laboratory.

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Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State College