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In 1950 fertilizer trials were conducted with the major crops in the principal soil areas of the State, It will be the purpose of this report to summarize in tabular form the findings of some of the outlying 1950 fertilizer experiments. The planting of the small grain crop over most of the State was much delayed by cool and wet weather which prevailed in April and May, The June temperatures were near normal but the State average precipitation for the month was 2.14 inches below normal. The July, August and September temperatures were: 5.1, 3.5, and 1.4 degrees below normal respectively. The cool temperatures were favorable for the maturing of small grain but greatly retarded the growth and maturity of the corn crop. For the same period, the precipitation over the state was .09 inch above normal for July, 0.13 inch above normal for August and 1.20 inches above normal for September, In the Eastern part of the state the precipitation for August was 0.54 inch below normal. In some areas long periods without rain in August retarded the development of the corn crop. The response of crops to fertilizer treatment in 1950 was in some cases much reduced by unfavorable weather conditions which prevailed throughout the growing season.

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Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State College