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1. It is submitted as an expedient of corn breeding, that the mother-ears selected for starting a breeding plot should not only be as numerous as practicable but should also represent as many sources as practicable from among those likely to excel in qualities desired. Page 121.
For the same reason mother-ears should be systematically introduced into the detasseled rows of the breeding plot in succeeding seasons from stocks of other corn breeders and other sources where excellent strains are likely to be found. Page 121.
2. It is submitted as another expedient of corn breeding that high yielding tested remnants should be utilized as largely a· s possible in making and carrying out plans for corn-breeding by selection. Page 122.
3. Detasseling all the even-numbered rows in the breeding plot insures that the progeny of these rows will be cross-bred. Page 124.
4. All of the twelve odd-numbered (sire) rows in any given quarter of the breeding plot can be planted from one single ear, providing the rows in the: breeding plot are short-(ten hills). This sire ear may be selected from the highest yielding row of another quarter, according to plan. Page 122 to 124.
5. The foregoing expedients may be employed in securing the production of seed corn, which is the product of crossing strains that are selected for high yield ( or any quality ) that are selected continuously and whose sires and dams may have, approached a homozygous condition.
6. It is practically possible to record the ancestry of ears of corn from such a breeding plot to preserve a working pedigree record of such ancestry. Page 124.
7. The variety of corn named "All Dakota" produced according to the foregoing expedients, should ultimately represent a combination of high-yield characters now existent in varieties that are successful in eastern South Dakota; such as Golden Glow, Minnesota,13, Fulton Yellow Dent and Wimple,'s. At the time of writing the surplus (15 acres) from the 1918 breeding plot is growing on the farm of Percy Ullman, in Brookings County.


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South Dakota Experiment Station, South Dakota State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts