Grassland Plants of South Dakota and the Northern Great Plains

J. R. Johnson
G. E. Larson


This guide is a revision and expansion of an earlier book, Plants of South Dakota Grasslands, the idea for which originated with Dr. James T. Nichols, one of its authors. During its development, Dr. Nichols was a faculty member at South Dakota State University, stationed at the Newell Field Station. James R. Johnson was his assistant, and in that first book, with brief narratives and photographs, they provided a guide to range and pasture plants common to South Dakota. It was a highly popular publication, revised slightly and re-released in a 1982 edition, long out of print.
This publication is intended for persons interested in the grasslands of South Dakota and the Northern Great Plains. With the necessary exception of scientific names and some terminology, plant narratives are intentionally nontechnical. Technical terms are defined in the glossary. The authors hope that this bulletin will be of value to those interested in plants for aesthetic reasons, and will provide pertinent information helpful to ranchers, farmers, conservationists, and students.