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The cases forming the basis for this work were for the most part presented at the regular clinics of the college, although some were private patients, and in the latter cases there were no special means for control beyond what one usually finds around the farm. When the horse was presented at clinics he was placed upon the operating table in order to confine him and prevent undue movement during the operation. In a few cases only was the injury of recent date. The term foot will be held to include only those structures inclosed within the horny box. Briefly reviewing the anatomy of this part, it will be found to consist of a framework made up of three bones: the lower portion of the short pastern bone, the navicular bone and the coffin bone. These bones are united in such a manner as to form a joint, the navicular joint. At the upper and back portion of the coffin bone and on each side are the lateral cartilages, half-moon shaped pieces of gristle extending upwards above the wall, and backwards towards the heels. Occupying the entire space behind and between the wings of the coffin bone is the plantar cushion. This structure acts much as does a rubber heel on a shoe. Over all is drawn a specialized skin, covering all of the parts much as a sock covers the foot. This skin, according to the character of the horn which it secretes, may be divided into five regions, the periople, which secretes the thin varnish-like layer covering the outer surface of the wall; the coronary band, which secretes the middle layer of the wall; the sensitive laminae, which secrete the inner layer of the wall and bind 'the wall to the foot; the sensitive sole, which secretes the horny sole; and the sensitive frog, which secretes the horny frog. In addition, the foot is richly supplied with blood vessels and nerves.


horse's foot, equestrian hoof, esquestrian medicine



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