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This 10th annual report of the Southeast South Dakota Experiment Farm is a means of listing for South Dakotans some of our activities and accomplishments during the year. Each year we look forward to 11exhibiting out' wares" (research results) in an effort to provide useful and applicable information to farmers and agribusiness people of Southeastern South Dakota. As we review a decade of activity at the Southeast Experiment Farm we find a number of changes have occurred that are of interest. Prior to its designation as the Southeast South Dakota Experiment Farm in 1961 crops and soils research were conducted at the Mobile Unit farm at Menno, South Dakota. These activities were moved to the Experiment Farm and over the years agronomic investigations have involved fertility and cultural practices, crop diseases and corn. small grain, sorghum and soybean variety testing. These and other crop research continue to be a vital part of the Farm's research program. Livestock research was initiated in 1962 and involved housing and nutrition studies with swine. A year later a ,:Farrow to Finish" confinement building was constructed and a Specific Pathogen Free Swine herd established. Beef cattle nutrition studies were initiated in 1963 with the remodeling of the cattle shed with automated feeding of four pens of cattle. An additional outside feeding facility for four pens of cattle was in operation in 1968. Livestock research with both swine and cattle has centered about the environment and its relationship to the nutrition of the animal. The accomplishments of research programs initiated at the Farm is a result of untiring efforts of research people and the continued interest of members of the Experiment Farm Corporation. As we look to the future we will continue to make improvements in equipment and to evaluate research activities and facilities to provide meaningful programs to people of Southeastern South Dakota and the surrounding agricultural area. The agronomic results this year were greatly influenced by climatic conditions. During late summer the 11blast furnaces" came on and the rain "spigot" was closed resulting in one of the poorest crop yields ever known in the history of the Farm (except when hailed out). On the other hand the weather proved to be ideal for the building of the new Office-Laboratory Building. This building was financed and constructed by the Southeast South Dakota Experiment Farm Corporation. It is one of the many improvements made about the Farm by the Corporation. This facility completed and occupied in October, is a welcomed asset to the Experiment Farm activities and to agricultural education programs in this area. The building is 36 x 72 feet and provides 2,592 square feet of floor space. A large meeting room seating up to 125 people has been used for several agricultural meetings this year. A smaller meeting room with kitchen facilities has a seating capacity for 15-20 people. These rooms will be available to groups for educational purposes. A laboratory room equipped with a drying oven will be used for drying grains, forages and feed samples. Various simple chemical determinations may be made here. The building provides office space for the Research Manager. the Farm Superintendents and a secretary. We of the Experiment Farm and the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences at South Dakota State University are most appreciative of the support the Corporation has given in providing this facility.

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Tenth Annual Progress Report


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