Publication Date

Fall 1977


This issue includes the 90th Agricultural Experiment Station annual report.
Abortions in the Swine Herd [p] 3
Phytophthora [p] 5
AMV [p] 7
Feeding Non-Conventional Corn [p] 9
Feeding Wet Corn [p] 10
Three-Grain Silage [p] 12
Rootworm Research [p] 14
Sod Webworms [p] 16
Quality with the Yield [p] 18
Do-it-Yourself Heating [p] 19
Open Ditch v. Buried Pipe [p] 21
PLUS: The 90th Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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