Publication Date

Spring 1982


Director’s Comments [p] 2 “The questions pile up; most must be solved ‘on location’ “
Profile with potential [p] 3 “He’s 43, a family farmer, been in the hog business 18 years, want to expand”
About-face [p] 8 “Young people are still leaving state, but who are these folks moving in? “
Find her in your own herd [p] 13 “the distance in cow efficiency can be 145 lb. more calf on 600lb less hay”
A tractor for the 90’s [p] 15 “Did you put the cat out? Did you plug in the electric tractor? “
Large mouths in farm ponds [p] 19 “can’t fool our local bass with a ‘southern’ stocking formula “
Coming of age [p] 22 “A 4-acre infant 30 years ago, young giant now covers 25,000 country acres”


Mary Brashier


Duane Hanson


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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