Publication Date

Fall 1985


Director’s comments: If you ran our Station budget, how would you spend the money? [p] 2
Spray spurge: Leafy spurge is no hit-and –run enemy; it digs in. Counterattack cannot be hit-and-run either [p] 3
The benefits of variety: For special meats, benefits are economic and nutritional. But you may have to lie a little [p] 5
Crossbreeding: the new look: Mixing genes isn’t all there is to it. You may have to adjust carrying capacity [p] 8
State rail analysis: State owned rail lines bring shippers more market options, chance for higher prices [p] 11
Pets pests: That sound like stuttering, but means biological control of weeds and insects [p] 16
Superior ponderosa parents: When their genes go into windbreak pines you will have the height that stops winds [p] 21
98th annual report of the Agricultural Experiment Station


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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