Publication Date

Spring 1985


Director’s Comment: When you count up the organizations to which you belong, do you forget one? [p] 2
The mouse connection:Heredity, diet, habit are intertwined with obesity. Its secret is starting to unravel [p] 3
The ‘Norbeck experience: after 20 years Norbeck Station closes interseeded pastures still going strong [p] 6
‘South’ doesn’t apply: South Dakota is far north when it comes to large mouth stocking recs; we need our own [p] 9
Trees in trouble: First year of survey shows windbreaks in sad shape. We can’t afford to lose them [p] 11
The gee-whiz crop: Is it a wonder crop or is it a bomb? Don’t plant it if you can’t market it [p] 13
Ping-pong piglets: Ping-Pong balls were stand-ins for piglets in prize-winning (and marketable) student research [p] 17


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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