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Fall 1991


Director's comments: Adding to the_ toolbox Some technologies are old and well used. Biotechnology will become a comfortable and handy tool as we adapt it to our specific South Dakota needs. [p] 2
Women in ag Society tends to picture farmers and ranchers strictly as men, but it's time for that perception to change. A survey indicates that farm and ranch women are making a significant contribution to South Dakota agriculture. [p] 3
Retained ownership A group of South Dakota cow-calf producers tries something new: keeping control of their steers in the feedlot and learning new risks, new marketing techniques--and fully expecting higher profits. [p] 8
Adding on Animal scientists will benefit from construction and renovation of swine, cattle, and sheep facilities recently begun at SDSU. [p] 12
Launder with care Pesticides on your clothes put you and your entire family at risk. Proper protective clothing and proper laundry techniques are essential for safety. [p] 13
Save the bales You have your bales, now you need to keep them. The right storage technique for your area can prevent spoilage and increase net income. [p] 16
Dakota Lakes Research Farm: up and running The Dakota Lakes Research Farm near Pierre is new, but off to a strong start with its first two crop years and first fall field day. [p] 18
104th Annual Report The South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station presents its people and their projects. [p] 21


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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