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Summer 1991


Director's comments: Will the secret be told? Agricultural research may be the best-kept secret in South Dakota. We publicize research results as much as we can, but if you have more questions, come and ask. [p] 2
Fight fire with fire Prescribed burning can be a cheap and effective tool in managing wildfires in the Black Hills. Each prescription is unique and requires detailed planning. [p] 3
The one that got away Even a well managed fire can get out of control if weather conditions change too fast. The McVey prescribed burn became Black Hills Horse Creek fire when nature did the unexpected. [p] 6
The "at-risk" generation Twenty percent of Native Americans over 30 years of age are diabetic. The key to prevention is in developing healthy eating habits in children. [p] 8
For better taste, better health Consumers want lower fat and less cholesterol and calories in their dairy food. The SDSU Dairy Center is responding with several new products to satisfy today's tastes. [p] 10
Custom-designed wheats New techniques in molecular biology will soon revolutionize the development of new varieties. Meanwhile, 'reading' the weather in your wheat fields will give you an edge in planning. [p] 14
South Dakota's garden spot Visitors never tire of the beauty of McCrory Gardens, but it's more than just display gardens. McCrory provides a working lab for SDSU students and researchers. [p] 17
Easy way to lose money: clean the bin, store the grain, and walk away Every year South Dakota farmers lose millions of dollars needlessly. A little attention to stored grain can make a big difference at the elevator. [p] 19
Balancing act Pigs need tryptophan. Balancing tryptophan with other dietary ingredients for best growth is the focus of a series of experiments at SDSU. [p] 22
Farms count The U.S. Census of Agriculture, conducted every 5 years, gives the SDSU Census Data Center a base of raw data to turn into useful information for South Dakotans. [p] 25
Satellite communications New communications technology allows agricultural leaders from opposite sides of the world to meet face to face without ever leaving home. [p] 27


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







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