Publication Date

Spring 1991


Director's comments Our special guest for this issue is SDSU President Robert Wagner, with some words of welcome to the NPBL ground breaking. [p] 2
The basics of biostress What is biostress? And how will the new laboratory fight it? Insights into the nature of the problems the NPBL was created to solve. [p] 3
Relationship building equips biostress building To outfit the new Biostress Laboratory with the finest new equipment, new funding relationships with foundations and corporations must be formed. [p] 6
Breaking the boundaries Cooperative research is the key as the NPBL presents new opportunities to interdisciplinary teams of scientists. [p] 9
Bricks & mortar & promise It's more than a building. Its laboratories will allow researchers to better utilize their expertise to improve our future. [p] 14
Partners across the campus The NPBL will allow scientists across the campus to work cooperatively on biostress research. [p] 16
Regional lab concept 'like .being neighborly' The NPBL continues SDSU's long tradition of sharing resources with our neighbors in other states. [p] 20


Mary Brashier


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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