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Spring 1995


Partnerships spur progress and. productivity: The South Dakota Ag Experiment Station boasts a long history of partnerships. Traditional alliances with the Cooperative Extension Service and classroom educators are being augmented by new linkages with business, industry, and government. [p] 1
Modern, efficient dairy facility built as model for farmers: The new Dairy Research and Training Facility gives SDSU access to the latest dairy production technology in an .energy-efficient and labor-saving building. Researchers, students, and dairy producers will all benefit from the new facility. [p] 2
SDSU satellite program serves North American cattle producers: Top beef production experts are bringing their knowledge into living rooms across the continent. The Cattlemen's Satellite Shortcourse, a satellite teaching program developed at South Dakota State University, reaches viewers at over 800 sites in the U.S. and Canada. [p] 5
Crop by-products find new uses as plastics, food additives, and 'natural chemicals': Traditional uses of corn have expanded to include ethanol fuel, and are about to expand further. From cookies made with distiller's dry grain, an ethanol byproduct, to packing peanuts made from cornstarch, a wide variety of new products are being tested. [p] 8
SDSU Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic laboratory renovation leads to increased efficiency: The new Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory at SDSU will be dedicated in June, but scientists and technicians are already moving in. The new quarters and equipment will speed testing and broaden research capabilities. [p] 12
Soybeans-good for your heart and cancer fighters too: As a culture, Americans show a reluctance to accept the soybean as a food staple. But soybeans have many health benefits, and SDSU researchers are working to develop soy-based foods that will appeal to the American consumer. [p] 14
SDSU scientist heads national team to save range soil: South Dakota has a great deal of highly erodible rangeland. Saving the soil on that land is a never-ending struggle. SDSU range scientist Dr. Pat Johnson is leading a team of ecologists, scientists, and livestock producers with the goal of easing that struggle. [p] 16
SDSU graduates make a difference in rural South Dakota communities: They are out there, in every rural community in South Dakota, running businesses, providing services and cultural experiences, sharing their skills and knowledge. All across the state SDSU graduates are making a difference in their neighbors' lives. [p] 19


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