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Spring 1994


Dean's Comments: Dean David A. Bryant reflects on Dr. Ray Moore's career as a teacher and agricultural research leader, and the impact his commitment to "creating opportunities for a lifetime" has had on South Dakota. [p] 1
CRM: it settles differences: Landowners often find themselves locking horns with government and special interest groups over use of natural resources. Coordinated Resource Management (CAM) brings all parties together to work things out as a team. [p] 2
South Dakota: not too cold for cattle: A common perception among second party investors is that South Dakota winters are too cold to feed cattle profitably. A new study suggests that this is not the case: cost and quality of feed in South Dakota offset extra amounts needed [p] 5
Beef marketing: offering consumers more lean: There is a certain element of risk involved, but more South Dakota beef producers are selling grade and yield. An SDSU study showed that grade and yield marketing gave a better average return than selling live weight. [p] 6
The Hutterites: set apart: The Hutterites' search for religious freedom brought them to South Dakota over a century ago. Hutterite colonies are agricultural enterprises, because this provides the self-sufficiency and isolation the Hutterite community desires. [p] 8
Global Positioning Satellites: signals from space to the field: Global positioning satellite (GPS) technology was first developed for the military, but commercial application will allow farmers to micro-manage garden-sized areas of their fields, applying exactly the right amount of fertilizers or pesticides. [p] 13
Mystery Swine Disease: spread by artificial insemination: Two major developments are taking some of the mystery out of Mystery Swine Disease: SDSU researchers are ready to field test an improved means of detecting the virus, and a commercially produced vaccine is just around the corner. [p] 15


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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