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Winter 1-1998


Director's comments The 'how' and 'what' change, the 'why' is our guide [p] 1
Cross-college research team knows state's cow~calf producers are No. 1. Now they're out to ...Prove it [p] 2
Researchers grooming corns for niche markets: two specialty crops have promise for value-added bonus in South Dakota [p] 4
New varieties boost economy: Development of new plants is a genuine pocketbook issue for state's towns, farms [p] 7
South Dakota has double interest in this research we produce the crop and we are at high risk for the heart disease it can prevent: Soy food research is hot topic [p] 10
Soybean cyst nematode threatens future record crops:Learn the 'three R's'-recognition, rotation, resistant varieties [p] 13
Research sheds light on fall lambing: When ewe's biological clock is reset, advantages are higher market lamb prices, improved winter feed use [p] 16
'Senior seminars' highlight global ag issues Students sharpen argumentative skills, use class to broaden their mental horizons [p] 17
New research will probe mysteries of bone mass loss [p] 19
Master Gardeners turn from hobbying to helping When the questions start coming thick and fast, county agents ask their local experts [p] 20


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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