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Fall 10-1997


Director's comments: Blostress: South Dakota's reality, Ag Experiment Station's focus: The new growth chamber room in the Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory is only the latest addition to our arsenal in South Dakota's continuing battle with biostress. [p] 1
High points of 50 years: Antelope Range Station continues its starring role in beef research [p] 2
Local teams spread the word: Team approach to teaching no-till is 'win-win' when farmers join SDSU and agencies to transfer the technology [p] 4
Native plants again find place in the sun: Modern versions of prairie legumes will be marketed for roadside and gamebird plantings [p] 6
Rebuild or repair? Engineers suggest how to recover from wind, ice, snow, water damage [p] 8
The first fifty years of research at Antelope Range celebrated: This field day highlighted current research results and provided an opportunity to reflect on past accomplishments at the station [p] 11
Contributions of former Veterinary Science head applauded at farewell reception: John Thomson brought statesmanship to a profession he believed to be as much a service to people' as to animals [p] 12
NPBL growth chambers come on line Scientists test new plant varieties against South Dakota biostresses [p] 14
Buried blocks increase water efficiency Value of resistance blocks rises as climatic conditions deteriorate [p] 15
Early life of panfishes reveals surprises Yellow perch and black crappies are slowly giving up 'secrets of survival' to fisheries researcher and students [p] 17
Prices for land going up: Survey respondents express optimism about continued rise of land values [p] 20


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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