Publication Date

Fall 1996


Director's comments: NPBL adds new dimension to 108 years of biostress research [p] 1
Biostress research chalks up successes since dedication [p] 2
Blostress Lab contributes to undergraduate student learning [p] 4
SDSU scientists evaluate 'transgenic' crops for farmers [p] 6
No-till can be the best option for land coming.out of CRP [p] 8
Muscle characteristics point to new ways to market pork [p] 10
Biostress research brings new oppol1unltles to South Dakotans [p] 12
SDSU research turns corn co-product into road deicer [p] 14
Scientist seeks ways to lessen dependence on dairy antibiotics [p] 16
SDSU research aims at making precision farn1ing pay off [p] 18
Mortenson ranch is stewardship showplace [p] 20
Fruit growers have new options under farm winery law [p] 22


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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