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Summer 7-1998


Director's comments: Consumers are the ultimate beneficiaries of agricultural research, but how do we convince them of the value of our work? [p] 2
Southeast South Dakota Experiment Farm: Questions answered lead to more questions asked. This exchange keeps farm "out front" in agricultural scientific issues. [p] 4
Southeast Farm adds value to swine industry: ·swine research at the station is expanding; latest addition is a hoop barn. [p] 7
The fat little research mouse: Who gets worked up about lab mice anyway? Producers do, when scientists show that mouse and pig have genes for meat quality in common. [p] 9
Get a jump on digestion: Higher profits from the dairy herd are likely when enzymes added to forages pre-digest fiber. [p] 11
Southeast Farm: Research projects at the station mirror the diversified farming operations of the surrounding area. [p] 12
Hands-on meat research: Research data and new products are only part of Meat Lab output. Finest "products" are outstanding students. [p] 14
Wrap-up: Six-year project documented higher incomes to beef producers selling on a value-based pricing system instead of "by the pen." [p] 16
Re-start: Project emphasis now is on providing cow-calf producers with experience in cattle feeding along with value-based marketing. [p] 17
Process kills 'bugs' keeps flavor: Irradiation of ground meat enhances food safety without sacrificing food quality [p] 20
New releases: Plant breeders offer a sweetgrass, an oat, a flax, and a spring wheat fitted for South Dakota conditions [p] 22


Mary Brashier


South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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