Publication Date

Winter 1968


Contents: Irrigation Research and Education [p] 2
Getting Water AWAY from Irrigated Areas [p] 4
Drainage Designed for YOUR Field [p] 6
Control of Water Table Level [p] 9
Precise Information for Irrigation Planning [p] 10
“Programming” Irrigation Drainage Systems [p] 14
Seek Better, Cheaper Drain Filters [p] 16
What’s New in Products for Irrigation [p] 17
Farming’s Drop-Outs—Displaced Person or Forgotten Man? [p] 18
New Varieties of Small Grain [p] 22
Aging of Our Lakes [p] 25
Effects of Water in Laundering Nylon Slips [p] 26


Frank J. Shideler


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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