Publication Date

Summer 1969


Contents: Special Irrigation course offerings Begin in 1969-70 [p] 3
New Department of Plant Science Announced [p] 4
South Dakota Long-Span Fences to be in Movie [p] 4
New Northeastern South Dakota Research [p] 5
Invading Greenbugs May Answer Puzzling Questions [p] 6
Homemakers Help in Research On Water, Laundry Problems [p] 8
Beef Cattle Ranching in Central South Dakota [p] 10
Deep Furrow Seedling Not So modern After All [p] 14
Dairy Calves “Communicate” What They Want in Housing [p] 16
Roundworms and Tapeworms in Wild Game Animals [p] 18
Indoor or Outdoor Housing About Same for Dairy Calves [p] 20”
Continuous Corn Fine, But Don’t Forget Rotations [p] 22
5 Months Less Mothering “ Possible for Brood Mares? [p] 26
Student May Have Way to Grow Mushrooms at Home [p] 27


Frank J. Shideler


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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