Publication Date

Spring 1969


College of Agriculture and biological Sciences Grad Program [p] 3
WINOKA: A New, High-Quality Hard Red Winter Wheat [p] 5
Establishing Pasture and Forage Crops [p] 6
Inter-Grade Price Differentials Beef and Consumer Preference [p] 10
Pasture Improvement—A Rancher Survey [p] 12
The South Dakota Pasture Interseeder (for legume seed) [p] 14
Cool Calves on Candid Camera May Provide Research Data [p] 16
Something New: Plant Analysis as Nutrient Need Indicator [p] 22
Repaying a Debt to Turkey—with Interest [p] 24
Research Aim: South Dakota Barley with High Lysine [p] 26
Don’t Start from Scratch: Prepare for Mosquito Battle [p] 28
Ag. Chemicals Are Dangerous—in Town or Country [p] 29
From Southeast Farm Research: Crop Management Decisions [p] 30
What’s New in Aerial Spraying For Horn, Face Fly Control [p] 32
Winter and Spring of 1968-69 Set Many new Records [p] 34


Frank J. Shideler


Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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