Publication Date

Fall 1971


From the Dean and Director [p] 2
Agricultural Engineering [p] 4
Animal Science [p] 9
Bacteriology [p] 14
Botany-Biology [p] 18
Dairy Science [p] 21
Economics [p] 23
Entomology-Zoology [p] 26
Home Economics [p] 30
Horticulture-Forestry [p] 33
Plant Science [p] 35
Rural Sociology [p] 40
Station Biochemistry [p] 42
Veterinary Science [p] 44
Wildlife and Fisheries Science [p] 46
Publications [p] 52
Financial Statement [p] 60
Staff Members [p] 61
Agricultural Advisory Groups [p] 63


Frank J. Shideler


South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm & Home Research: 84th Annual Report

Included in

Agriculture Commons



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