Publication Date

Spring 1971


Field Days Scheduled [p] 2
Changes in Soybeans [p] 3
South Dakota in IBP—Grassland Studies [p] 4
Another Range consumer [p] 11
Planet-Wide Study [p] 14
Narrow Row corn [p] 16
Automatic Irrigation [p] 19
Air Pollution [p] 22
Pollution Economics [p] 24
South Dakota Wheat Exports [p] 26
Foil Mulch on Potatoes [p] 27
Semi-Dwarf Spring Wheat [p] 29
New Sorghum Hybrid [p] 33
Irrigation by Schedule [p] 34
Soil Erosion Costs [p] 36
Herbicide Pollution 38
Spotting Marijuana [p] 39


Frank J. Shideler


South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm & Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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